The secret to have a long-lasting love

Interestingly, relationships are becoming less long-lasting because people are more alert to the signs of a poorly functioning or unstable relationship. With the increased use of social networks, it is easier to detect if something is not going well in a relationship, and it is even possible to discover when someone is unfaithful. Nevertheless, this phenomenon does not occur in all cases.

Many couples manage to have a happy and lasting relationship, even without seeing each other and sharing daily. In fact, couples with long-distance relationships are persistent over time and live an incredible experience, from loyalty and communication. It sounds somewhat utopian, but now it is about quality, not quantity. Also, emotional intelligence is crucial to learning how to have a healthy relationship. 

What science says about long-lasting relationships

Marriage for the whole life went from being an obligation to a healthy practice by couples. However, most of the time, these marriages were long-lasting without being healthy. Therefore, if a couple decides to separate nowadays, it is not a failure. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to find true love and have a healthy and lasting relationship, which would be a success.

To discover the secrets of a successful marriage, The Open University conducted a study with 4,494 British people between 18 and 65 years old. The aim was to analyse the behaviour of 50 couples (25 with children), whose conclusions were recently presented in “The Secrets of Enduring Love: How to Make Relationships Last”.

The book’s authors, Meg John Baker and Jacqui Gabbi, explain that the results of this research have appropriate advice that can help couples. They are tips based on real experiences and leave sex in the background.

The researchers reveal that sex appears outside the top 10 tips in the results. When these 50 couples were asked the secret to a long-lasting relationship, they responded as follows:

  1. Laugh together.
  2. Share values and interests.
  3. Have a good friendship.
  4. Take care of each other and support each other.
  5. Feeling secure in each other.
  6. Be happy.
  7. To have much trust
  8. Be close.
  9. Talk and listen to each other every day.
  10. Being in love.

Although sex does not appear among these answers in the study, men with children consider that they would like to have more sex with their partners. In the case of women, they stated that they feel good about the amount of sex. However, no couple participating in this study evidenced dissatisfaction with sexual frequency.

It is indicated that couples without children have a higher sexual frequency. However, increased frequency does not significantly affect the duration of a marriage. Therefore, what is essential for all couples is quality rather than frequency. However, if it is considered necessary to change the routine, for example, with the use of sex toys or fulfilling fantasies with some Canberra escorts. 

5 tips for a long-lasting relationship

There is really no magic recipe for a longer-lasting relationship. What can be done is to follow the example of couples with successful relationships if there is true love and loyalty. Among the top 5 tips to make a relationship last a life fully and happily are the following:

1. Avoid routine

Couples may feel that they fall into the routine easily. But, they can avoid monotony by going on adventures, going on trips and making different plans. Also, sexual practices with fun costumes, for example, striptease dances or hot escort services, help to leave routine aside.

2. Take care of intimacy

It is undeniable that sex is vital in a couple’s relationship. However, it may take a back seat because intimacy and sexual pleasure are associated with other factors, such as communication and respect. If the relationship goes well, sex also goes well and is enjoyed. It is best if the couple has a good relationship to care for their intimacy.

3. Experimenting with sexuality

It is a great idea for couples to experiment with sexuality. It will enhance their relationship and will be longer lasting by increasing libido and sexual desire. Emotional intelligence is the key to add more spice to physical relations with some object or sex toy. If the couple feels confident, they can do it with one of the Canberra asian escorts that advertise on online platforms such as Skokka. Another option is to be intimate in public or watch daring photos and videos.

4. Support each other

A couple needs to support each other in order to be successful. Support and trust allow couples to stay together no matter the circumstances. Sometimes tricky times are tests for a couple to ensure their love and loyalty. 

5. Communicating daily

Communication is the foundation of a functional, happy and lasting relationship. Couples need to talk and listen daily about everything from the day at work to life’s fears and concerns. Of course, not always both partners in the relationship will agree. But they are sure to have more confidence and fun.

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